Design Flexibility of Oscartek Systems

Food Display Cases and Counters

Oscartek is a brand manufactured in Italy that specializes in high quality Food Display cases and counters. We have a wide range of standard models but pride ourselves of having the capability to customize according to your customers’ needs. Being a satellite testing lab for ETL allows us a great deal of flexibility, so your products will always be approved for UL and NSF standards.

Oscartek is well known for its clean, modern design with a large choice of Laminate, Stone or lacquered finishing options.

Design Flexibility


Our company has an advanced design technology that allows us to examine any design project to determine its viability before going into production.

Additionally our advanced computer-driven machinery allows us to forgo the old model of fixed template sizes and mold and create flexible models using laser-cut for unique sizes and shapes to achieve a high level of customization in creating display cases and counters.

We have connectivity patents for multiplexing projects that allows us to tie together many single units into a composite whole line up.

The body of the case is made from highest grade 304A high polish stainless steel. While the exterior has a large choice of finishes in terms of stone, laminate or lacquered RAL colors allowing the client to be creative and unique, therefore customize solutions for their clients at a very reasonable cost.


Our display cases can be:

Lead time:

Our lead time is 12-14 weeks
During this time period, production takes 5-6 weeks and the rest is transportation (Ocean 7-8 weeks or Air freight 7-10 days)

LED lighting:

Our cases come equipped with state-of-the-art wireless LED lighting.
This produces a case that is clean and bright with no visible wiring.

Grab-and-go can be incorporated into any of our cases. The compressor can be positioned in a multiple places which increases design flexibility.



Customization program:

Our company does not require minimums for a custom design. We are happy to produce a single case. In tackling a new project we will acquaint you with cases that we have already produced to see whether a small modification of a past design will satisfy your needs.

Square and Curved Glass

For pastry, deli, ice cream / gelato, and chocolate applications.

Square glass models:

  • Diamond
  • Italia
  • Metro
  • Performer
Square glass models

Curved glass models:

  • Cora
  • Classic
  • Ventura
  • Derby  (gelato only)
Curved glass models

Square and curved glass models:

  • Rosa 
  • Gem
  • Gia (gelato only)
  • Pozzetti (ice cream / gelato only)
Square and curved glass models

Vertical Refrigeration

Merchandisers and Air Screen Grab N Go

Merchandisers and Air Screen Grab N Go

Matching Combi Cases

Matching Combi Cases
Complementing Approved Counters
Complementing Approved Counters

All stainless steel construction

Front Counters

Crepe Stations

Yougurt Stations

3D Rendering

Available upon request

3D Rendering