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90° curved grab and go
Gem R4: chocolate
Gem with drawers: chocolate
Gem combi: non-refrigerated top
Gem R4: stone deck, front, and sides
Gem grab and go
Gem R4: 90° curve deli / pastry
Gem R4: 90° square deli / pastry
Gem R4: deli / pastry
Gem R4: glass top
Gem R4: macaroons
Gem R4: chocolate
Gem R4: gelato
Gem R4: topping tops
Custom Gem
Custom Gem chocolate 90° curve display. Brass trim
Custom Gem chocolate with brass Trim
Custom Gem 90° curve display. Stone deck and brass trim
Custom Gem chocolate 90° display with brass trim
Gem R4: stone deck and work top. Deli and macaroon